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CrossBridge is a technology company that spans the divide between payers and providers with EMR-integrated, cloud-based technology. At $127.8 billion, the annual cost of caring for patients with chronic inflammatory diseases has surpassed the cost of treating cancer. With the right technology, we can advance window of opportunity treatment for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases and speed the transition to value-based care. CrossBridge is developing clinical pathways and independent library of inflammatory disease treatment options available for rheumatology, dermatology, gastroenterology and neurology, using the latest cloud-based technology.
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The cost of caring for patients with chronic disease is more than $140 billion per year — as much as yearly spending on cancer treatment. And with more than 25 million patients needing care from an ever-shrinking pool of specialists, it’s time to improve outcomes, patient access and engagement while lowering total cost of care.


How? With proven, digital solutions from CrossBridge. We’ve re-envisioned how to deliver the comprehensive care that autoimmune patients deserve— evidence-based, cost-efficient care that improves outcomes.


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Improve patient access and outcomes

CrossBridge solutions help specialists extend their reach with a holistic approach to care — enabling targeted, timely treatment with a right-touch clinical team and patient-reported disease activity/progression measures

Lower total cost of care

Health plans can save $10k or more per member per year with our evidence-based, data-driven care pathways. Our rules rely on proven financial models and integrate the latest guidelines, research, RWD, and clinical information.

Drive collaboration and decision-making

Increase provider efficiency, reduce prior authorization time, and improve outcomes tracking while strengthening partnerships. Our independent reporting and analytics will help prioritize high-opportunity areas and simplify value-based care.

CrossBridge offers the most comprehensive solution available today for improving outcomes and lowering the cost of treating chronic autoimmune diseases.

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