Complex Chronic Disease | Value-based Care | Collaboration Platform
CrossBridge is developing the most comprehensive, specialty decision-making Software as a Service (SaaS) solution available today for improving outcomes and lowering the cost of treating chronic inflammatory diseases. Aligns the priorities of providers and payers, and simplify administration, so patients can begin receiving treatment without delay. Pre-auths are instantaneous for treatment plans submitted per the CrossBridge Evidence-based Treatment Library (EBML) of nationally accepted standards of care. Providers can submit research from our library to justify deviations from standards. Payers can accept or deny payment per treatment plan through the CrossBridge technology platform, where providers can track plan progress. Evidence based library is the heart of the CrossBridge solution. Independent and non-biased, it is based on medical society guidelines as a starting point and augmented with the latest validated research.
Treatment Plan, automated electronic pre-authorization, Evidence-based Medical Library, analyze patients, member populations, shared treatment decisions, actionable data, chronic autoimmune diseases, chronic inflammatory disease, clinical outcomes, level of medical evidence
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Align Financial & Clinical Incentives Between Payer, Specialist Physician & Life Science to Optimize Care

CrossBridge offers the most comprehensive technology enabled solution available today for improving outcomes and lowering the cost of treating chronic autoimmune disease.



CrossBridge brings proven pathways – shown to improve outcomes and lower treatment cost – to the treatment and management of chronic autoimmune disease. CrossBridge’s pathways combine medical society guidelines with the latest peer-reviewed research and real-world data analysis to ensure the most relevant evidence is deployed to drive improved patient outcomes and lower total cost of care. CrossBridge’s clinical workflow platform also greatly improves physician productivity and point of care experience by aggregating the most pertinent patient details into a single view, while providing longitudinal care and disease activity dashboard. Pathway options are presented seamlessly, with the specific patient context..



CrossBridge technology integrates and aggregates patient data from multiple sources into a common platform, providing a longitudinal view of patient care. Our deep therapy area expertise ensures our analytics and care pathways are specific to the appropriate patient cohorts, producing actionable data that measures care quality and outcomes. As an independent 3rd party CrossBridge can provide trusted and transparent reporting for all parties in value-based arrangements



We have re-imaged the care paradigm for improving outcomes and lowering costs for chronic autoimmune/ inflammatory patients. We have a patient-centric, digital-first and practice-extending approach that provides 24/7 support with an experienced care team utilizing our integrated data and technology tools. This approach focuses on the total cost of care and the patient’s whole health, driving substantially better patient experience and outcomes while reducing the total cost of care.