Technology - CrossBridge
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CrossBridge supports all constituents with built-for-purpose and scalable technology in their workflow

CrossBridge’s technology is founded on a SaaS analytic platform tailored to autoimmune chronic diseases. It combines RWD from multiple sources and leveraging ML/AI and our deep domain expertise, provides the patient cohort insights necessary to define value-based care pathways and other cost/outcome analytics. These pathways and care insights are then deployed in our patient mobile application and EMR-integrated clinical decision support software.

Payers and Life Sciences gain actionable population, physician and patient cohort insights, included detailed pathway and patient journey cost details. Our platform combines data from multiple sources and represents nearly all patients with autoimmune/inflammatory conditions

Physicians need patient, pathway and value-related context, information and decision options delivered at the point of care in their existing EMR workflow. The CrossBridge clinical system, integrated with leading EMRs, has been designed specifically with chronic autoimmune conditions in mind and brings all relevant information into an elegant interface proven through peer-reviewed, published results to improve outcomes, lower costs and improved physician productivity by over 25%.

Patient engagement in their care coordination is critical to drive better experience, outcomes and value. The CrossBridge patient engagement mobile application provides
• Multi-modal (voice, text, video, survey), two-way communication capability
• Family/other caregiver coordination
• Care plan/adherence tracking/reminders
• PRO capability for disease progression tracking (for example, RAPID3)